Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 13. Barbadelo to Gonzar 26 km

Buzzing right along. We crossed the 100 km to go this morning. All is well. No rain today. It was cloudy and 15 all day until Mr. Sun came out and drove up the heat. We are in the heart of dairy farms. It seem this is spread your manure week.
The farms are very compact as one would expect.
Don working on his blog

Home for tonight

We're in a cave like setting tonight

Don't eat the shrooms

Dairy country. Very green. Who knew?

Massive dairy operations

Homer can speak Spanish


Bridge into Portomarin

Sure more steps. No problem. 

Sharing the Camino with cows. 

Always following the yellow arrow

This handsome young guy will probably die in a stadium. The ugly side of Spain

Lunch stop


Lamborghini tractor

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