Friday, September 8, 2017

Sept 8. Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca 26.6 km

Well this was the hardest day so far. First hour was up hill then an entire day coming back down. The trail was much like a river bed all day. One had to concentrate all the time as an ankle sprain would send you home. 

The views at the top were beautiful. The decent would remind you of Arizona and every bit as hot. 30 - 35 C. 

 I am so blessed to be here: 
1) health to do it 
2) resources to pull it off 
3) time to do it
4) Rose's support

The Camino is what you want it to be. It is steep in many traditions. Today we got to perform one of the better ones. There are many variations of the story behind this tradition and you can alter them as you see fit. You are asked to carry a small stone from your home. This stone is to represent something in your past you wish to put behind you or something about yourself you wish to changing in the future. You carry the stone with you for the Camino and when you get to this particular cross you toss the stone and the problem stays with the stone and you walk away. 

There are millions of stones

They must bring in a payloader at night to clear them

Some people put a great deal of effort into their stone. 

Don post toss

This person tossed their credit card

Jill MacKay you would love it here. 

Living in luxury tonight. 11€

Fresh clothing tomorrow

I have decided. I want to be a Roman Engineer. I can't get enough of these. 

Bridge into town

Go left. Now go right. Repeat.

One of the ladies with us is from China. Occotupus sandwich anyone?

We have a problem. Two of the guys are from Ireland. Hard to pass a beer stand in 35 C heat. 

Very difficult walking

Very steep down

Coffee shop

Our pack

Fruits sold on the honor system. Like potatoes in PEI

I was having a coffee watching the sun come up and the sheep stopped by to check out my back pack. 

I was enjoying this early morning view to the sound of cow bells. Crazy how simple things are so beautiful. 

Early start. Alone

This poor guy did not make the steep hill

Very narrow

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  1. Oh, yes, I can find a photo opportunity just about anywhere.

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