Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sept 6. Volar de Mazarife to Astorga. 31.2 km

Camino store. Want a small toothpaste? This is your place. 

Parking lot at the albergue ( hostel )

Home Sweet Home

No one is going to sneak up on us tonight
Mystery meat

Town Square

View from my room


This is big business here. This structure is to move walkers over the railway track

Great grapes along the way

Path into Astorga

I love Roman bridges


There was lots of water in this drinking fountain. 

Slow poke 

Never ending path. 

No LED here


Full moon for a 10 km walk by corn fields. Just me and my tinnitus

Early start to avoid the heat

Yes wine is less than $1.00 Canadian

In the grocery store you have to put on gloves to handle the produce. 

Group meal tonight

I'm sure you have heard take a book leave a book. How about spice?

Kevin from Ontario

Every night there is a battle to find plug spaces. 

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