Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September 12 Tricastela to Barbadelo. 22.9 km

Smooth day today. We chose not to stay in the city of Sarria sowe went a few kilometers into the woods. Very mixed small place.

There is a Camino newspaper

Even in very rural areas there are coffee artists. 

The classic snack here

Spain knows beer. They put the mugs in the ice cream freezer. 

The Camino gets much busier in Sarria. This is a Camino tourist information centre.

Found my first Canadian dime

Mystery food. Tastes great. 

Tuna on pasta. I can live on it 

If you walk the last 100 km of the Camino you get the certificate. Sarria is the closest big city to that 100 line. So, it is packed with Camino shops. 

I hate stairs 

Ever see a Camino Coke machine? I have. 

Our view tonight

Coke bottles are much smaller here. All you need. 

Camino in the city. 

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