Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sept 9 Camino to Molinaseca to 24500 Villafranca del Bierzo, 32 km

Check out this cool system:
Beer flows from these barrels.

Through these taps.

Into my glass.
Then onto my table. 
You gotta love gravity. 

We are staying in this fantastic 500 or so year old monestary. They do not have wifi. Great walk today. Flat!  32 km. The first 15 was in cities.

Five from Dublin and one from Halifax

View from our room. 

Check in. If you are a proponent of lean you would run out the door screaming. 

Harvest time

Wine country

Lunch stop

Breakfast at 1:00

Less than 200

Running with these guys from Dublin. I think I will have an accent soon.

People solar heating water to wash dishes. 

Most of today was in cities and the subdivisions

Cool restaurant in grape country


Bikes go left


Snack stop

Rocket fuel

Our home Friday night

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