Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sept 17;O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela. 20.1

Got a very early start today - 5:00.
After walking for two weeks the walking has become easier. Much easier. I walked in the forest in total darkness for the first two hours. I had Terri's head light so it was an amazing experience. I can honestly say my childhood fear of the dark is gone. About an hour into it I started to lose clarity in my vision..
 I thought the light was running low on battery power but it ended up that my glasses were fogging up. I had been climbing a big hill and did not realize I was heating up. A week ago I would have had to stop several times to catch my breath. The human body is amazing. Well mine anyway (joking).

I don't stop for many photos as I was obsessed with getting to the noon Mass at the big Cathedral. I made it into town at 10 had a shower and was in church by 11:00.

I must say walking into the big square was a bit anticlimactic. It was both a happy and sad feeling.

Church was amazing. Over 20 priests and 1,000 people. Sitting there I got a little overwhelmed with all that has happened this summer; retirement, selling our home and finishing the Camino. An older Spanish lady sitting next to elbowed me and passed me a Kleenex.   She smiled as to acknowledge that my reaction was a common emotion for a pilgrim.

First town- breakfast stop

The beer companies are getting into the action 

Rural outdoor vending machines. Want a beer at 5:30 Sunday morning? No problem

I came across this small coffee shop with six of these small trailers full of hunting dogs. Barking? You bet. 
The Cathedral is being repaired


Souvenir shops everywhere

Jack Mac would love this place

I'm not the only Nova Scotian in town. 

You can't take your backpack into the Cathedral. No problem. Next door there is a short term storage operation. 

Five guys from Poland did the Camino on Harleys

Line up to get our completion documents

I spent an hour or so in the main square before going to supper. It was great to see all the small groups hanging out. Most did not know each other when they started. Weird feeling as most will never see each other again. 

Great supper with ten people I got to know

Thanks for tagging along. Please consider doing this walk. It will change you for life. 
Over and out  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Community Garbage

I think the Spanish got this one right. In the towns and cities they have community garbage / compost / recycling centers. There is no door to door pick up. Residence simply take their waste to a center.  There are several per block. No garbage trucks roaming the streets. No need for a big bin at home.

Some are as simple as this. 

Others are attractive units with under ground bins. 

September 16. Arzúa to O'Pedrouzo 18km

Nice easy walk this morning. Only four more hours to go in the morning. Started off at 6C. Warmed up to 16C.
St. James cake

Eating well

This is cool. The drug store has outside vending for foot care products. 

Home for the night

Outdoor washroom


My nest. Scored a lower bunk. 

Each town shows church times on a sign.  

Barn spam

Eucalyptus trees. Didn't see any pandas. 

Neat nice cooler

Ham anyone?

Wall of beer 
Bottles. Art?

Fall scene. 

Tuna pizza for breakfast.