Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gonzar to Palash de Rei. 17 km

Short easy day. We are ahead of schedule so we decided to stop in this nice little city. Most people walk using the John Brierley guide. When you follow the guide you end up with the same people every night. We had gotten ahead of the people we know so we are back in sync. There are six beds in our room and we know everyone here. Phillip and I snore so the others want some of my ear plugs. Only a joke as everybody wears ear plugs at night.
Wash machine said 24 minutes. Plenty time to run across across the street for a beer. 

Our lobby 

No hand washing tonight. 

Added a sticker to my water bottle. I left this in a village square last night by mistake. Went back three hours later a it was still there. 

They are building new coffee shops everywhere 

Cool can vending machine 

Found a truck stop for breakfast. No Big Stop but close. 

Most places have the menu in pictures. Great idea when you are dealing with so many languages. 

Everything is built to last 

Leaving this morning 

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