Monday, September 11, 2017

O'Cebreiro to Tricastela 21.3 km

Well what goes up must come down. We did indeed come down. 600 meters. It was easy on the lungs but killer on the knees.

The Spanish just don't get it. Paper good - plastic bad

Every drugstore has a large foot care section. 

Now there are six Irish and one Canadian. Three course meal for six people and three bottles of wine. 60€ ($90). Crazy

Every restaurant caters to walkers. The placemats are printed with a map of tomorrow's walk 

Love it



Ha ha the Canadian is cold

Top bunk for me tonight

Some from Nova Scotia beat me to it. 

 We are in a very modern Alburge tonight. Only 12 beds in our room. The showers are hotel quality. 

View from our deck

Having a pre dinner refreshment

View from our deck. We went all out tonight. 9€

Our view

Started in the rain. Then went through several farm villages ( cow pies). Boots were barking when the sun came out. 

Normal view for today

Massive tree

Walking in the rain

Typical scene

Met this couple from Australia. Kid in the stroller. 

Fresh OJ. Very fresh. 

Made it to the top

Where is Waldo?

Coffee stop

Fire is great on a cold rainy day

Line up for eggs and bacon 

Will this damn path ever end?

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