Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sept 7 Astorga to Rabanal del Camino. 21.4 km

Every village as at least one 300 year old church. 

Many people do the Camino by bike. 

Home for tonight.

Only 246 km to go

No words needed

Every day you come off the Camino. Shower. Put on tomorrow's clothes then wash today's clothes. Life is really that simple. 

First in the room. I get to pick my bed.

For a km people put wooden crosses in this fence. 

When you walk into a new village there are a multitude of signs. Some government some sign spam.

This is perfect. 

Boon docking Spain style 

W.C. means water closet. Washroom. 

Check out the storks nest. Top left. 

Oh yah? Stop me. 

Typical trail side food stop.

Don't think so Tim

Many communities have added shade stops. 

Trail side vendor 

Fluffy standing guard

Built to last

Want to bet an engineer picked this pass word?

Most breakfasts are 3.50

On the hunt

Breakfast stop

I wear a reflective strip in the morning as we often walk along roads. 

Morning has broken

Rocket fuel 

Want a strange look? Ask for a " Double Double"


  1. I like the bike idea! Great pictures Don. I'm enjoying your travel.

  2. Another day down - great pics!