Monday, September 30, 2013


Can anyone explain the purpose of the 3:00 am church bell? 

I'm laying here awake but it is different than the later night anxiety that takes over my head when I'm at home. Here I'm wound up with excitement about tomorrow. It happens to me every night lately. It's the same type of excitement you get before a big trip. 

When we pulled away from the Seattle crew last week Dan shook my hand, gave he a hug and said " Don I know you will reach Santiago but I hope your Camino never ends". Now I know what he meant. Image how great it would be if every day you could not sleep because you were excited about tomorrow.
When Morgan and I were in the grocery store tonight the REM song was planning " that's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight ‎....". It's stuck in my head. An ear worm. I never understood the words to that song but I'm telling you I FOUND my religion on the Camino. " Oh no I said too much, haven't said enough..."

OMG this town has a 3:30 bell. Night.

Don MacKenzie

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